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The power of AlifBee Premium

You can give access to AlifBee Premium as a gift

200+ personalized lessons

With AlifBee, each user begins their learning journey with a placement test, which helps to start learning from the right level. Depending on where you start, you can take up to 200+ exciting, interactive lessons. AliBee Premium allows you to have access to all the lessons within the subscription period.


3x faster learning

Your learning path is designed with the help of the cutting-edge science and psychology to shortcut your journey. With AlifBee, users are proven to learn 3x faster if compared to traditional methods.


Access from anywhere

AlifBee means effortless learning on the go — the app is available on iPhone and Android devices.


What are the benefits of a premium subscription?

The benefits of a premium subscription include: access to all lessons and activities, ad-free uninterrupted learning, full access to the smart review section, free 30-min 1-on-1 tutoring session, access to our premium Facebook group.

Can I try before I subscribe?

Definitely, The first level offers you 20 lessons for free, in later levels 2 lessons are free in each level. Also, each lesson has at least one unlocked section.

Which payment methods are accepted?

The payment methods accepted depend on the device and country used to purchase a premium subscription. you can find our more here.

Do you store credit card information?

No, we don’t store credit card or debit card information.

Which Arabic dialect is taught on AlifBee?

AlifBee teaches MSA Arabic (Modern Standard Arabic), the gateway to the Arabic culture, media, books, and other Arabic dialects.

Does AlifBee teach the Arabic alphabet?

Yes, the first level focuses on teaching you how to read and write the language.

What language skills does AlifBee teach?

AlifBee covers all language skills, reading, writing, listening, and speaking through various fun and engaging exercises.

What devices does AlifBee support?

You can use AlifBee on our website on desktops, laptops, or mobiles. Also, you can install AlifBee on your Android and Apple devices.


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